bidet toilet seat
bidet toilet seat
bidet toilet seat
bidet toilet seat
bidet toilet seat
bidet toilet seat

Ceramic Buoyant Bidet with Multiple cleaning modes

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Product description
bidet toilet seat

🚽 Smart Toilet Specifications 🌟

πŸ“ Dimensions: 26.77 in * 16.53 in * 20.47 in

βš–οΈ Weight: 99.21 lb

🌎 Available Ship to: United States

🎨 Main Color: White

πŸ› Use Case: Bathroom

πŸ› οΈ Main Material: Ceramic

Product Features:

πŸ€– AUTO OPEN & CLOSE: The toilet features a radar sensor system: the lid automatically opens hands-free as you approach the toilet. It also provides an automatically close cover and flush when you leave the bidet seat.

🚽 4-FUNCTION FLUSHING MODES: Optional flushing modes include off-seat flushing, foot-sensing flushing, side button control flushing, and remote control flushing, followed by a powerful flush on your departure for hands-free operation.

πŸ”₯ HEATED SEAT/WARM AIR DRYER/WARM WATER: Intelligent design of a pre-heated seat and warm air drying after use, adjustable temperature of seat/wind/water bring a comfortable SPA experience at home.

🚿 MULTIPLE CLEANING MODES OPTIONAL: Multiple cleaning modes optional include posterior cleaning, soft lady care cleaning, kids cleaning, and massage cleaning, keeping your body comfortable and clean.

πŸ”’ SAFETY GUARANTEE: IPX4 waterproof certification ensures safety and anti-leakage; power-off protection ensures the toilet can flush normally anytime.

🚽 TANKLESS TOILET: The toilet pairs minimalist style with comfort. A full suite of convenient functions includes LED display, soft nightlight, defecation assist, remote control, and side button.


Package Includes:

1 Γ— Toilet with House and Components pre-installed

1 Γ— Wireness Remote Controller

1 Γ— Toilet Seal

1 Γ— Angle Valve



MATERIAL: Ceramic Bowl & ABS Cover

S-TRAP: 300/400MM


HEATING MODE: Non-Cistern Rapid Heating Type


COLOR: White

Selling Points:

Bidet Washing

Hip Washing

Defecation Assist

Warm Wind Drying

Strong-Soft Massage

Moving Massage

Self-Cleaning Nozzle

Soft Night Light

Remote Control


Water & Drying & Seat Temperature

Adjustable Nozzle Position

Power Outage Flushing

Electrical Leakage Protection

LED Display

Kids Washing Mode

Auto Open/Close Cover & Feet Sensor Open/Close Cover & Remote Controlled Open/Close Cover

Smart Toilet Details:

Material: Ceramic body + ABS cover

Product size: 68x42x52 cm / 26.8x16.5x20.5 inches

Packing size: 79x51x64 cm / 31.1x20.08x25.2 inches

Product weight: 45KG / 99.21 pounds

Package weight: 49KG / 108.03 pounds

Washing method: siphon and whirlwind washing

Water pressure requirements: 0.15Mpa-0.75Mpa (static pressure)

Flushing volume: 5L

Drainage method: floor

Minimum pit distance: 30cm/40cm

Diameter of water pipe: 4/8=1/2=4 cents (with converter, 6/8=3/8=6 cents, can also be used) πŸŒˆπŸšΏπŸ”’