smart toilet
smart toilet
smart toilet

Ceramic Beneficent Bidet with heated seat and automatic cleaning

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Product description

🚽 Smart Toilet Specifications 🌐

📏 Dimensions: 26.38 in * 15.35 in * 18.11 in⚖️ Weight: 79.36 lb🌎 Available Ship to: United States🎨 Main Color: White🛁 Use Case: Bathroom🛠️ Main Material: Ceramic

Product Features:

🤖 AUTO OPEN AND CLOSE: Smart toilet adopts intelligent Radar sensing design, the lid automatically opens/closes hands-free as you approach the toilet or off-seat.

🚽 PRACTICAL FUNCTIONS: Three flushing modes: off-seat flushing, foot-sensing flushing button control flushing when power is off at home, followed by a powerful flush on your departure for hands-free operation.

🌊 TANKLESS SMART TOILET: AUTO flushing in 1.28 GPF (flush rate: 1.28 gallons per minute), the smart toilet is suitable for residential houses with high water pressure to ensure flushing the bowl with water supply directly from the pipe.

🧠 INTELLIGENT DESIGN: HD LCD display, varieties of screen colors are optional, more intelligent dynamic ambient nightlight, and a 360° portable endless button.

🔥 HEATED SEAT / WARM AIR DRYER: The seat can be heated quickly as you sit on the toilet, adjustable temperature of flush water, and powerful warm air drying keep you more comfortable at any moment.

🚿 AUTOMATIC CLEANING: Multiple cleaning modes: Lady care washing, nozzle self-cleaning, and posterior cleaning, ensuring efficient and comfortable cleaning.

Description: Smart Toilets for Bathrooms Tall Height with Heated Bidet Seat, Portable One Piece Power Flush Toilet, Automatic Toilet Flusher, Bidet with Dryer and Warm Water, White. The Vanity base is made of high-quality "Eco-Friendly" plywood, designed to withstand threats of moisture and humidity while being easy to clean and maintain.

Package includes:

1x Bidet Toilet with Hose and Components Pre-installed1x Wireness Remote Control (Batteries Not Included)1x Angle Valve1x Toilet Seal


Product Type: One Piece Toilet.Structural form: Siamese.Drainage method: ground rowVertical distance between the center of the sewage outlet and the wall: >= 11.8inFlushing Type: High Water pressure range (0.15-0.75Mpa), Siphon Jet.Amount of water per flush: 1.28 gallonsAngle valve adapter male head specification: 7/8 (Our angle valve is generally suitable for 1/2 size, and 7/8 angle valve adapter is also provided to avoid individual customers needing 7/8 joint)


It is recommended that the water hose specification of the customer's home is 1/2 inner tooth or 7/8 inner tooth.It is recommended that the diameter of the sewage outlet of the customer's home is 3.94-4.72in. 🌈✨